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What if good and evil is what controls the outcomes of every action in our universe???? If it was would we need to maintain a equal balance to keep things equally in sync in time and matter???If we did and we were failing would that ulitmately fail us by leading to our doom???What if the universe keeps itself in a equal state of balance and trueness?????? if it did would that mean we are living exactly right due to the fact it was keep itself in balance would mean that we did everything for a reason???If everything is done for a reason is there a reason for doing anything, ? if we did not do anything would there be a reason for doing it, ? if we did everything would it affect any ulitmate unverisal outcome???What if we contribute to everything that has come for all recorded years of history ,? if so are we doing what is ulitmately considered correct unverisally ,? How would we know if we were<????

Could our universe be our ulitmate god with no true form but a base stability that gives us our true view of reality time and life itself???? If it was would it have thoughts <? something we could not comprehend but considered to be a thought,? could it be instinct a base balance set to keep everything in sync with no judgement of how its done<? could it be random happenings or a planned schedule???? could everything that exists be an essential part of the universe thats allows it stay in a natural state of balance,??? Could the universe only act to big events or everything small thing thats happens even tapping your pencil,? What all could effect the true reality we have,? What do we know of our true reality,? Could other realitys exist around us in other places , or perhaps times or perhaps galaxys,? Could each individual have their own view on reality,? could it be more in depth , by this i mean could we all in the galaxy have one set view of reality , but if we left could our set belief on reality change could the time we thought we had known be but a illision we placed for ourself.,? Do you even know how you percieve reality,,<? have you ever considered it??????Is all the universe a set of constant and infinite time, matter, space, and reality><? if it is we would all have the same perception of reality regardless of what could exists besides us>? if thats true would a animal or unknown space creature be expected to have a base grasp on reality, <? even without thought could something know what true reality is????? Would what are eyes see change how we view reality<? if so does that mean because we cannot see many spectrums of light and many other things that we only know part of true reality or that we know nothing<??? could it have nothing to do with our sight but our beliefs on right and wrong.... left and right......<? we created left and right ,,, also right and wrong.... does that mean we created our on reality...?

If other gods exists regardless of your beliefs,? are they our true creator>? do they control outcomes of big or small events???? could they all be one ultimate god that was once known and passed though-out history for so long became known as many different names with different views???? could all prophets or so called gods all be from one god that has passed down many beliefs all with unique and interresting beliefs>??would your god/gods or goddess approve of the other fakes or other true gods<? coulds your beliefs clash with what your truely feel? Do you know what you truely feel how indepthly have your searched for your true thoughts on it<? Even if you had found what you believed to be as your true god would it make it right to claim it <<??? with all the diversity humans have could one ultimate god have passed down more beliefs and ways to live over time still staying basses of our moral guide lines<? could this have been done to please more people?>??

Is everything a constant living thing in one form or another>???? if it was... we would have what we have named as spirits what could a spirit be>? could a spirit be something that inspires new ages of people to create a new religion or could it be a seemingless never dying form that aids in the healing of planets >??? it could be many things possibly a new life form to expeirence many new things remembering all of our past or it could be our state of rebirth perhaps a cloud of intergaltic dust thats over millions of years becomes a whole new galaxy??? if that happened could our form unknowlingly without thought or knowledge have a good and evil set depending on how we were when we passed on to another form<??? if this was true could the whole galaxy be completly based on us the kind of person we were.... Beliefs,Actions,etc.....???? maybe galaxys are formed for many different things that passed on from all over the universe the best things could group and the worst could group...??? perhaps black holes are formed from the negative energy spirits that passed on and the beautiful creations are positive energys????

That concludes it for now im dead tired and well had alot going through my head forgot like all the really good sounding stuff so i just started rambiling random questions maybe some of you can answer them for yourself

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Ultimate questions
Is what we see real. Would we know if it wasnt? I dont think we would i believe everything we know and see is based around what we can see and understand. Therefor if we cannot see something or cannot understand something we would not consider it as anything to be possible. If we are incapable of understanding what we do not think of as possible we are truely blind to real life, we have no real concept of reality. Which in turn means we live in false reality and hopes that may or may not exist? With no true concept of reality how can we choose to say what is a fact or a theory.? We are blind to many things in general as for seeing in the dark we cannot do or infra-red vision or seeing every color spectrum.? Some things we just cannot do and true understanding of the real reality of life and the universe is one of the great things we will never accomplish...
I have decided anytime im thinking of something interresting im gonna blog it so if your like the questions i propose to you or would like to hear more of what i have to say stick around and check it out every know and then feel free for negative or positive comments.                 Im going to post another thing that just ask question some of it doesnt make sense i was very very tired writing it and i messed up on some words but all in all it has good questions here and there go check it out

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Please read
Alright listen i want all the input you can add some of what i add will be confusing or not make sense i write stuff sometimes really late when im tired as hell.But i woud love comments back on your beliefs or questions you have about life, i absolutely love unanswerable questions please give me questions i can write about and well once you've read this check my blogs out k? love to all and well fairwell

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